For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: What is the youngest player you will train.

A: 2 years old.

Q: What is the oldest player you will train.

A: We except any player over the age of 2.

Q: Can the activities you all provide allow me to go to the next level.

A: We cater our activities to the level you want to be at.  If you are a novice who is trying to learn the game or if you are trying to play college or professional, our activities will help you get there.

Q: Can we play Recreational soccer and be a part of your club?

A: Yes we specifically do not register anyone with STYSA so we can avoid a player to be labeled a select player.

Q: Why are you not a accredited Academy with STYSA?

A: We want to allow players to play locally in the recreational leagues until they are 11.  once they are 11 we encourage all players to play select.  Academy status was created by STYSA to have two different leagues for players under 11.  Until 2009 if you were under 11 in Texas there was only recreational.  Since then there has become a gap between Recrerational Leauges and Academy Leagues.  Part of our purpose is help players get good training without having to join academy leagues and avoid the cost of time, money, and travel that comes with that territory.

Q: What is Jenga?

A:  Jenga is a word we use to describe ball control and flow.  The Brazilains developed this concept better than any other country.  We believe strongly in teaching a Texas version of soccer jenga.  Juggling is the base of ball control.

Q: Why should a player train with you.

A: Look at some of the players we have turned out on our testimonial page.  Training with us you will improve your game no matter what level you are at.