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U4-u10 Academy

Our academy training is second to none. We approach teaching the game from a Brazilian perspective. Our players learn total ball mastery. We want all u5 players to properly strike the ball with their laces using both feet.

We want all u-7 players to learn to strike the ball properly with their laces and inside of the foot. We want all u-7s to be able to receive the ball properly with multiple parts of their body. We want a u9-10 players to juggle at least 15-25 times. We want u9-10 players to be able to strike the ball out of the air with their laces or inside of the foot.

The great thing about our academy training is you can still play in the local recreation leagues.

Individual or group training for players older than 11 years+ Ball mastery is the key. We dozens of corvers that we put players through. We try to elevate the heart rate in our sessions. We condition the heart through a series of rehearsed movements with the ball. We also make sure players can strike the ball no matter where it is on the pitch or how its moving. After training with us for a couple of months players will notice better flow and touch. The average player sees a 15-@25% increase in ball control and touch.

Why Choose Champions

There are many reasons why champions soccer club was created. We are former soccer players and coaches who have children in BCS.  We do not want to require 8 year olds to go down to Houston and play. This is ridiculous. Ten years ago it was a different story in BCS. There were two select clubs in town, Bryan Magic and College Station United. Those clubs where run by parents who wanted to see their children get great training in the game of soccer. Those clubs merged and eventually got taken over by corporate soccer.  To play a select level with the corporate clubs from age 11-18 a family will be spending over $21,000.

We want to increase the amount of select teams in brazos valley by providing guidance and training.  We help families save a incredible amount of money.  We specialize working with parents who are coaching their child and those parents know their child needs more soccer education. Once a player turns u-11 we want to partner with coaches and help them through the process of becoming a select team. We don’t charge for this but we do it to be good stewards to the game and community. We recommend trainers for potential teams and the parents on the team get a huge input. We want the parents to have the final say on who teaches their child the game.  We also structure the training and seasonal play in a matter that doesn’t consume a family’s life.

Children shouldn’t be looked as a revenue stream but the future of our communities. Providing motor skills development and learning how to play the game with a positive and encouraging attitude is a priority at Champions Soccer.  From academy age players from age 3-10 or select players over u11.

We have sessions for players of all ages an skill levels.  Soccer shouldn’t be a burden but a fun game.  Players who enroll in our training sessions will see results within the first couple of weeks of training.  No matter the age or skill level.  We guarantee it!

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